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Vine Psychic - Male Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Assault

Everyone deserves compassion, no matter what age they are.

In my psychic reading blog this week I'm writing about a recent Australian radio talk-back program that failed in its ethical obligations to truly listen with an open heart and to support an elderly man who reached out to them for emotional support.

Old Man's Sexual Abuse Belittled on Talk-Back Radio
An elderly man had phoned Sydney radio station 2SM. He explained how he had been sexually assaulted as an eleven year old child and again as a 14 year old teenager. He was so traumatised by the experiences that he'd been unable to live a normal life ever since.

He had summoned up the courage to telephone the radio talk-back line, where commentator John Laws trivialised the man's feelings and made him feel that the traumatic problems he had been suffering all of his life, were insignificant. My heart ached to hear the man say that he felt worse for having called John Laws. There appeared to be no empathy, and almost no compassion.

The elderly man was told by John Laws to put his feelings aside and go to the local pub to have a drink with his mates. He was asked why (as an 11 year old) he didn't fight back against the attacker, and it appeared the caller was being blamed for being a victim of sexual assault. (listen to talk-back here)

And this is not the first time John Laws is reported to have blamed a victim for being sexually abused.

Spiritual Empathic Connection
As a spiritual Empath and medium I've done thousands of readings for people who have been energetically traumatised by sexual assault. The psychic scarring from unwanted sexual advances is etched into the ethereal aura and you can't easily dismiss it.

Sexual assault victims are no more able to simply dismiss the emotional pain of abuse, than they're able to go back in time and stop the abuse from happening.

A child who has been singled out by deviants will try to buffer the pain the best way they know how. The ethereal scarring will emotionally trigger many types of out-of-character responses.

The male or female child who is a victim of sexual abuse may later want to lash out at society or turn to crime as a way of shouting their emotional disapproval. They may reach out to buffer their feelings with alcohol or drugs. Or the psychological damage from the abuse may result in them becoming reclusive and switching off. All of these attempts to buffer their pain are methods of surviving.

Many people from older generations, particularly men, were taught to hold back their feelings and then made to feel weak for not moving on and forgetting what happened in the past. They had no help for bullying and if they cried or spoke up they were told not to be wimps. Their real emotions were pushed down and it is no wonder they feel so isolated when it comes to reaching out and getting support.

In not being able to empathise and give support, John Laws, is truly a victim of the age he lived in. He probably knew no better than to tell his caller to forget about his pain. But the man had never had a normal life. He had shut himself away from the world because he didn't know how to trust.

If I have one message to media and radio stations, it is: Don't ignore the desperate people in society who reach out to you for support. If you are ill equipped to emotionally support the callers,  then show them you care by listening and helping them to seek out support from a respected help group.

Count your blessings that you have lived a life away from the trauma of sexual abuse that others have suffered. Stand in their shoes and realise that you would want someone to treat them with respect.

There but for the grace of God, go I. 

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Vine Psychic - Compassion for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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Love and Light

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