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Do Psychics Help Find Missing Persons in Australia?

This week my psychic reading blog explains how as a Spiritual Medium, I assist in finding missing persons. I also warn about psychic expo profilers and cold readers who use magician-like tricks and hypnosis to pretend to provide psychic medium readings.

Although I sometimes receive calls asking for help to find loved ones,  I need to stress that I don't work with the Australian police because in Australia the police don't generally accept psychic help.

I'm often surprised to read when psychics in Australia have claimed to have helped police in missing person cases. I don't know of any police force in Australia that has publicly allowed psychics to assist in missing person cases. Although they may record any information they receive in case something shared was crucial to the case. 

There is one account of a psychic leading police to a burial site in Sydney, Australia. After having a remote vision, a genuinely psychic aboriginal women guided NSW police to the burial site of a missing person. At the time, the police were looking for another young girl, but instead of locating her, the psychic led them to different missing person (a cold case) in the same location.

Finding the Right Spiritual Help
In the psychic field there's a lot of false or embellished advertising, so if you're seeking spiritual help to find somebody and you come across a psychic claiming to have worked with the police on missing person cases, be careful to verify that there is factual evidence to support the psychic's claim.

How I Help in Missing Person Cases
I only help in missing person cases if I receive direct requests from family and friends. I always tell them not to reveal any information before I begin a spiritual medium reading. A spiritual medium should never be told in advance why a reading is required, or spoon-fed any prior information. A fake psychic or a cold reader could use that information to appear to be psychic, and even a genuine psychic may be influenced by having too much prior information.

How I Receive Remote Visions
As a medium relaying the guidance, I am sometimes shown locations or see a remote vision which makes no sense to me, but does mean something to the person having the reading.

For example, I had a reading from a distraught mother trying to locate a missing item belonging to her son. I was shown a remote vision of a road, a tree and a car accident. I didn't know what that had to do with the missing item but she then revealed that her son was involved in a car crash in which he lost control of his car and hit a tree. The missing item was with him at the time. Her son had only recently passed and so could not come through to speak with me directly.

Can You Get Real Help from Entertainment Psychics?
Most people who do entertainment psychic readings ask direct questions to their audience and ask for name after name before getting one right. Or they come up with a general scene that anyone might be able to relate to.

There are many genuine spiritual mediums who find psychic entertainment cringeworthy and don't like it when emotionally vulnerable people are taken advantage of.

NLP Soul Coaches Using Covert Hypnosis
Worse still are the people who call themselves psychics, but who use covert hypnosis and cold reading techniques to charm their clients and get them to open up and tell them what to say.

What is a Cold Reading?
For Example, if you ask a question like: "I am wanting to know, did my niece suffer in her passing?" the question itself tells the profiler many things about your reasons for calling.

It tells them your niece has passed, and that she may have suffered. When you ask if she suffered, it suggests that no one knows, and this tells them about the circumstances under which she may have passed. It tells them you are grieving. It helps them to know the right words to relay, to make them seem psychic.

The direction that a charismatic profiler or NLP soul coach takes in the reading, is inherent in the question itself. The profiler could start talking about any of the things you've just told them in the question that you asked, and therefore make it seem like they are psychic, when they are not.

 If you have a charming charismatic spiritual medium, confidently directing questions at you in an entertainment setting and using NLP  methods on you, you won't know that your subconscious is being triggered by NLP hypnosis techniques.

When you've been singled out and been made a part of the show, you'll be less likely to want to upset the success of the show. But if you later viewed a recording of the performance, you could identify how they used NLP on you.

Cold reading, which is directly related to covert hypnosis and mentalist and magician's tricks, is now being used by many so-called psychics to trick you into believing you're talking to a genuine psychic.

Hereafter - Helps You Understand A Real Spiritual Mediums Life
To get an idea of why genuine spiritual mediums and seers are less likely to seek fame or fortune, I recommend seeing the movie "Hereafter".  In it a young boy seeks out a psychic so he can talk to his dead brother, but instead of finding authentic psychics, he finds only frauds. Eventually he finds a real psychic, but only after discovering that most of the people claiming to be psychic were con artists.

But I know there are genuine spiritual mediums out there who like me were born with their gifts and who can provide credible spiritual guidance to help in missing person cases.

You just have to be careful to find a genuine psychic. There are many fakes, and now also many people who have done a short course and then been given the impression it's OK to call themselves a psychic. The problem is that over the years psychic entertainers and hypnotists have falsely claimed that anybody can be a psychic or a spiritual medium, simply by doing a course. 

Courses can help you hone your abilities and to get in touch with your higher self, but they can't give you clairsenses if you don't already have them. 

Genuine Psychic Skills
In my phone psychic readings I have no way of knowing who is calling me. I can't see body mannerisms over the phone and therefore can't read them, and I don't ask asking leading questions to get you to reveal why you want a reading. This rules out any insincere non-psychic techniques. Vine Psychic Line does not do cold readings or use NLP on you.

The integrity of the spiritual arts relies on spiritual mediums not abusing the Universal Laws of Nature.

Don't be fooled by the fake claims or by charismatic entertainers calling themselves psychic. Understand that when looking for a spiritual medium to help you find a missing person, you may have to separate the psychic wheat from the chaff.

Your loved ones in Spirit know that their passing causes a lot of distress to family and friends and this is why they will seek out real spiritual mediums to help with specific guidance relative to their passing.

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