Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Medical Intuitive Vine Guides About Toddler Learning Difficulties

My psychic reading blog this week is about helping parents who are coping with the early development of their children and babies.

After noticing your children's behavioural and learning difficulties, parents have been seeking my spiritual guidance about toddlers who've been using digital tablets and electronic devices.

When young children show signs of slow development it is often Autism and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) that are suspected as the underlying cause. There is also a new learning difficulty which is directly related to touch screen technology and radiation frequencies that is numbing toddlers minds before the brain is fully developed.

Spiritual Guidance
In a psychic prediction I was spiritually guided by the higher realms that the latest digital tablet and touch screen computer technology is a major factor in computer addiction and rewiring of the brains. You can find that psychic prediction here: Childhood Computer Addiction

If your children are playing with electronic devices at an early age you may need to research the pros and cons of the affects on babies' minds of the elctromagnetic radiation and numbing effect of mobile and ipad (digital tablet) touch screen technology.

Our Energy Bodies
We can all see and touch our physical body, but the complete human body is more than this. We have seven energy bodies surrounding our physical body and it is here that we are first affected by the electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones, computer devices and wifi.

If these concentrated energy bursts go on for too long, our physical body will ultimately show the affects in ways that medical science has yet to be sure of. This is why it is important to allow our young children to develop their communication skills without being subjected to damaging bursts of  electromagnetic energy or mind numbing touch screen technology.

Computers, WiFi and Early Child Development
There are warnings about children using mobile phones in early development, but there are few warnings about children using ipad, digital tablets and wifi during early childhood development.

Whilst there is increasing concern about teenage computer addiction and aggressive behaviour from overuse of computer games, there is not enough research into electronic gadgets around babies or young children.

Toys Don't Need to be Electronic
I am guided a baby's brain needs to have constant stimulation, but toys that do this have never traditionally been electronic and they don't need to be. You can find other ways of entertaining your child when you are busy until they can handle electronic learning devices. 

Your baby's brain needs to grow and develop the way it has always done, so remove any form of radiation from your toddler's grasp until they are speaking fluidly and have full concentration.

I hope this guidance helps parents who are dealing with this new phenomena. To my Melbourne customer worrying about your little boy's development, Spirit doesn't consider autistic children as disadvantaged. All children born with sensitivities are loved equally in the angelic realms.

Read the full Healing Guidance article here:
Vine Psychic Healing Guidance - Toddlers Learning Difficulties

Love and Light

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