Friday, 1 February 2013

Australian Psychic Reading by Phone

Australian born Vine Psychic recently announced she will be dedicating her efforts to servicing all of her phone psychic reading clients in Australia and internationally.

February may be a special month for Valentine’s Day, but it is also holds special significance for Vine. She is following her life-long dream in building an environmental sustainable home and healing center. The month of February is when Vine is being guided to find the right location. Great news!

This means she will be doing all of your online readings via phone and that’s good news for people who want to have a spiritual reading over the phone.

Vine’s spiritual readings are delightful. She uses a spiritual breath technique to lovingly connect with your aura and then begins to share the spiritual visions, feelings and words impressed to her aura. Vine is one-of-a-kind and is considered to be a psychic and metaphysical expert.

People from all different religious, spiritual and cultural backgrounds will seek Vine out because she works within the religious and spiritual faith of her clients. Even though she only speaks English Vine can instinctively tune into loved ones who have passed over in many countries around the world.

Vine has amazed her phone psychic reading clients by being able to give the most detailed information about family or friends who have crossed over to the higher realms. She describes the physical appearance, the types of symptoms or illnesses they impress to her aura, even how they died.

Through remote vision she is sometimes guided into your homes to be shown photos or precious objects that only you know about. 

This is why her clients will write testimonial after testimonial to describe their phone psychic reading experience. They all share the same words. There was no way Vine could have known anything about their life before she did a live reading.

Vine is particular about not liaising with clients before a reading and our customers are required to go online and fill in all of their booking details on PayPal. 

There are no conversations with customer service to ensure the integrity of Vine’s spiritual readings.

If you would like to book a phone psychic reading with Vine or learn more about her unique spiritual abilities visit the following web pages:

Online Psychic Bookings – Australia - landline & mobile

Online Psychic Bookings – World (English Speaking) land line only

Australian telephone psychic reading Line

1902 242 800

Call costs $4.95 per min gst inclusive, extra Mobile/Pay Monessa Gulf


Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30+ years. Above is Melbourne Born Vine Psychic's latest psychic reading blog article about why she is dedicating 2013 to providing the best phone psychic readings online.

Book an online psychic reading from anywhere in the world by using our secure PayPal booking facilities. Let gifted Australian Psychic Medium Vine, tune into your individual consciousness using her spiritual breath technique and provide expert psychic help. To make an online psychic reading booking go to:

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