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Psychic Advertising - What Do You Think is Acceptable?

The other day I received an irate call from a psychic chat organization which I will not name because they were upset that a Karma Lounge member had openly shared some psychics on her current website were fictitious and didn't really work for her online phone psychic business.

The phone call wasn't warm or friendly, she claimed that a lot of psychic businesses in Australia and the world are using istock photos on their websites and justified her reasons for placing photos next to psychic names which don't exist.

Rather than debating semantics with the business owner I informed her if this  was what the member experienced in real life and it was a true statement of facts I wouldn't be removing the comments. Needless to say I was threatened with a law suit and even told my phone conversation was being recorded. It was ugly.

I allow the Karma Forum to be used as a helpful educational tool to let credible members openly share their experiences and have noticed some members are commenting about the amount of fictitious psychics on psychic chat websites. 

Some members can be more vocal than others, but they are entitled to have a voice. The information they provide has benefited the Australian and global public and after speaking with several stakeholders in the psychic industry they all agree it is time to clean up the psychic industry and bring in greater accountabiity. 

When one psychic chat line taints the image of the spiritual arts it can automatically result in all gifted psychics and lightworkers being tainted with the same brush.

There have been some cases of overseas celebrity psychics who have been found out on Psychic TV programs  falsely describing a psychic is available to take a phone call.  When in fact the psychic photos being displayed on the TV were from models from stock profiles and were not showing the real person accepting the customers call.

Psychic Advertising - What is Acceptable?
More and more the psychic advertising business topic is an issue of contention because it has to do with the integrity and the moral standing of the psychic business and how they are treating their customers.

Is the customer right to expect that a psychic reading business is advertising their own psychics and not making up psychic names to build up a false psychic business reputation?

Also, should the psychic reviews being found next to a testimonial be a real customer and not sourced from istock, friends or falsely updated by social media management?

I believe these question can only be answered by the paying customer themselves. You're the paying customer and therefore you have to decide if a psychic you select on a chat service should be placing their real photo next to their profile.

If the majority of you believe it is unethical for psychic businesses to mislead the customer you have several avenues you can take:

  1. You can contact the psychic business and advise you're not impressed by their advertising tactics and ask them to be more ethical.

  2. You can get in contact with a State or Federal Government office responsible for advertising standards or consumer affairs and advise you believe the business isn't being honest with the Australian public.

  3. You can check if they are registered in a Psychic Association or Institute and raise your concern. It might result in bringing the best world practices in the psychic industry. 

  4. You can send out a loud message by not using the psychic phone business until they demonstrate they are not misleading their customers. 
There are new laws being passed by governments all over the world to manage social media content.  Australian businesses engaging in similar tactics to black hat SEO are now hitting Twitter, Facebook and other social mediums in great numbers. 

From a personal perspective I have witnessed a lot of shoddy psychic practices over the last 30 years working as a psychic medium

The spiritual guidance I received from my guardians about how out of control the psychic industry would become is now more evident than ever. In 2013 the psychic chat industry is the worst it has ever been.

The Australian and Consumer Commission have openly declared they will be investigating any social media that tries to pull the wool over the eyes of Australian consumers.

You can read about these laws by visiting the ACCC website here:

The more complaints lodged by consumers to government departments about false advertising the more governments around the world will bring in new laws about monitoring social networks. You can foresee the writing on the wall.

This week we have been warning the Australian public about DM spambots directly set up by Asian and overseas Followback groups who are targeting consumers who follow horoscope and star signs. 

They have designed automatic zodiac comments that you follow when you read about your 12 horoscope signs. For example: If you're a Pisces you would receive a daily comment about your horoscope sign. 

If you retweet the message you instantly receive a twitter spam bot sending a free psychic reading invitation to your direct message box trying to get you to click a phishing link. This is done by an automatic robot. (It's hard to get your head around all this stuff, but read on because what we're sharing is educational).

Why This Information Is Relevant to Your Life

It is important you learn about social media bots because your online security and personal details are what the majority of these robots are targeting.

Whether the original astrology business has set up the twitter bots as part of this cunning scheme is anyone's guess, but the end result is they're waiting for someone to click the free psychic offers to get to your personal information. 

We have put up a notice of all the online psychic sites that are currently using spam bots to direct you to free astrology, zodiac, or email psychic readings. 

You can check if your psychic service is using this type of spam device. by clicking the warning link above.

In Australia you can report spam sent to your emails by contacting ACMA. There are also strict regulations about SMS psychic spam being sent to your text messages.
What Any Business Customer Expects When Buying or Selling a Product or Service
A psychic business need to place themselves in your shoes and ask if another online or face to face business wasn't telling them the truth about their products or services would they feel equally aggrieved?

The majority of people would say yes. Why then, do the same people who own these type of live psychic and online phone line businesses justify that 'in business anything goes'?

Karmically we all have to answer to a higher power. It is easy for some in the business community to make up their own slogans and claim in the name of business anything goes.

But in the name of Oneness, and spiritual integrity that is a poor substitute for thinking you can pull one over the Universe and your paying customer.

Love and Light

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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Above is Melbourne Born Vine Psychic's lastest psychic reading blog article about psychic advertising issues about the public voicing their dissaproval about being mislead when booking a phone psychic reading. Is it time for Australia to bring in real psychic regulation?

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I'm pissed off the psychic chat site I'm calling is doing it as well. They have the exact photo at spiritually gifted psychics. They're scum and I'm not going to use them ever again.