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Paranormal Activity Teenage Girls Menstrual Cycle - Psychic Blog Article

Vine Psychic - teenage girls can attract paranormal phenomena during puberty

I promised in my previous Australian psychic blog article I would write about paranormal activity about the female menstrual cycle. In my original article I shared with readers that the female menstrual cycle is an energetic release and now I want to touch on why some teenage girls entering puberty can unknowingly open themselves up to a wide range of astral psychic phenomena.

I write about this subject matter with a true spiritual knowing, as I have been aware of the astral world since I was a young child and have had thousands of paranormal experiences. Spiritually I had to learn about the polarity of spiritual energy. The spiritual teenage lessons I learned from my Spiritual guardians was about discerning the different vibrations of Spiritual energy.

I immediately could feel heightened love energy, the lower astral energy and the in-between spiritual entities who fail to cross over when they die. This was similar to entering a spiritual apprenticeship. I use this term in my biography because as everyone discovers in life, before you can appreciate something fully you have to learn about it first hand. Scholarly spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal theory books are a wonderful educational tool, but you still need the practical knowledge to be fully aware and become a spiritual teacher.

There are people in the spiritual field who don't want to acknowledge the dark astral planes. They write only about angelic beings and the higher realms because they only want to concentrate on the positive aspects of spirituality.

That's fine. But there are some girls who are born highly sensitive to energies and when they begin to go through the life-cycle from childhood to teenagers, they energetically open their ethereal aura. A lot of these girls are ill-equipped to understand some of the sensitivities they will encounter and my spiritual role is to guide them through these changes.

I am unable to count how many psychic readings I've conducted over the years, where I have tuned into people dealing with their first paranormal encounter. A string of paranormal incidents had them nearly losing their mind. They were frightened to reveal anything to their family and friends in case they immediately got the title psycho.

My reasons for sharing this information is to help highly sensitive females understand some of the energetic cycles they could encounter and to tell them they are not alone.

Only by sharing psychic phenomena experiences can people begin to understand that this is not a psychological disorder that requires parents to take their children to psychiatrists to be heavily medicated. This is a genuine psychic condition that highly sensitive people deal with.

There are well-documented cases where teenage girls come into contact with a wide range of paranormal activity. They have been historically scientifically recorded and I want to share one of them with you now.

Janet Hodgson - The Enfield Poltergeist Activity from a disgruntled in-between Spirit
If you have read any of my earlier articles, you know that I do not refer to Spirit as ghosts. I'm aware that a lot of other people do, and for that reason I will use the word with a lump in my throat.

Over 30 years ago Janet Hodgson as an eleven year old girl began to have extraordinary and terrifying encounters with an in-between ghost. She began to levitate, was thrown around the room by an unreasonable ghost. Janet's single-mother and siblings moved away from their housing commission house because they couldn't endure the poltergeist activity anymore.

This case became known as the 'Enfield Poltergeist Hauntings' and came to the attention of the BBC News. The camera crew were spooked out of their wits when all of their equipment was damaged by an astral force and everything they recorded was erased. This can happen with disgruntled ghosts, as I've already shared in some of my true life psychic encounters they are not pleased about being disturbed and sometimes don't recognise they have passed over because they are stuck in-between our physical world and the lower astral realms.

These spirits can be labeled malevolent because they seem to want to harm people in their close proximity. I have written about malevolent spirits before and I recommend you refer to some of my earlier psychic articles because they are extremely helpful in understanding why ghosts can get irritable and force people out of their homes.

Janet Hodgson's is still adamant that she encountered poltergeist activity and hasn't changed her story from the time she was an eleven-year-old child. She also alleged that before she was exposed to this poltergeist activity that she had played with a ouija board. Again, as I've already revealed in several past articles the playful children's game you can buy from some toy shops and specialist outlets are spiritually dangerous.

Do you remember me sharing a true-life story about a girl I shared a house with who was attending a spiritual circle where the teacher used the ouija board in our home? Even after I had politely asked her not to do so because I was warned about the lower astral planes using this conduit as a way of presenting a false spiritual image to the end-user. Her teacher convinced her to have a spiritual circle while I was out and when I came back to our lovely home it had a strong sulphur smell and I immediately felt a strong astral presence in our house.

That night the astral presence tried to attack me because they didn't want me to spiritually interfere with their devious mission. I spiritually protected myself and was able to use the energy of prayer and light to force the astral presence out of our home. I'm sure this experience has happened to other light workers because entities from the lower astral planes are not agreeable about spreading love and light and they will attempt to spiritually interfere with heightened light workers.

Who Are You Turning To For Psychic or Spiritual Courses?
One of the reasons I forewarn people to be on guard about spiritual teachers who place their psychic students in harm is because most of the time they do not have a well-rounded spiritual background. They have never dealt with low entity characters, nor do they know the full spiritual consequences of some of the psychic exercises they are teaching.

If you take anything away from reading this paranormal article, realize there are some shady psychic teachers out there. You have to be discerning about your spiritual health and don't allow anyone to talk you into psychic courses or spiritual circles before you thoroughly check their business credentials. Get them to show you proof of how long they have been teaching in the spiritual field. Ask them probing questions. See if they hesitate in answering your inquiries because they don't know the paranormal consequences of the exercises they are teaching. Any signs of someone not knowing what they are actually doing....walk away.

Avoid online psychics that advertise:
  • I can make you psychic
  • become a powerful psychic
  • hypnotherapy psychic courses
  • online psychic ECourses
  • quick psychic development workshops and courses

Look for qualified spiritual mediums or lightworkers who you can discuss any out of the ordinary energetic release. They should be spiritually in touch with the higher realms and wouldn't use gimmicky advertising to entice you to their doors.

I recommend you contact a Spiritualist Union at your first point of call and avoid affiliate product hypnotheraphy or psychic courses found on the internet.

Be discerning of online psychic review sites. They are mostly not credible and have been created to trick customers into believing someone has been working in the psychic field because they are peddling sponsored advertising or earning money from click sites. Any review sites linked to affiliate product services give it a miss. A lot of people bandy together to become instant millionaires and attempt to sell spiritual courses. Check their online advertising history to see if they are connected to any click2 sites.

You can easily do that, by typing in their business name + click2 or their business name + seo. It immediately identifies which psychic businesses are using affiliate and black hat SEO to get found on the internet by manipulating the search engines and attempting to show a level of false credibility in the spiritual market. If you find a psychic business updating links regularly on blogs, link sharing sites, or adding articles on hundreds of sites you have found a fake psychic business.

Please note: Vine Psychic Readings Line isn't linked to any affiliate click2 sites. We know that affiliate networks have been placing our details on their sites to muddy the water. Refer to Vine's website only and avoid any other sites that have a lot of advertising and sell online psychic courses.

Again, I have written previous articles at great length about identifying credible spiritual teachers vs 'want to be psychic teachers, or affiliate product psychic courses, spells etc'.

to be continued more about the female menstrual cycle and energy...

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