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Online Dream Interpretation Dictionaries - Are They Really Accurate?

Your Dreams offer energetic spiritual messages

Do you believe your dream moods can easily be found in a dream dictionary? My latest Australian psychic blog article could make you have a rethink.

Your dreams require special consideration, as they're a spiritual thread to the subconscious mind and also to your psychic energetic field.

Your dreams are unique to your individual spiritual essence. One thing you can be one-hundred-percent sure of, you will not have the same dream as anyone else in the world.

Unless you are a psychic twin that thinks the exact thoughts as each other - the chances of having the same dream as someone else will be next to zero.


Everyone who is born into biological form carries their own unique energetic spiritual blueprint and this energetic form records all of the experiences you have during your life. A biological twin, or for that matter triplets or quadruplets will not have the exact thought or life experience as another. They will however have a collective energy that ties their spiritual auras together. If you removed them from the same environment they would have to think for themselves.

If we all have unique life experiences and thought processes doesn't it stand to reason that most of the dream visions you encounter are also unique to your own learning’s?

Why then are there so many different dream encyclopedias and dream dictionaries for the same symbols in dreams?

Take a moment to contemplate why a different dream expert interprets one meaning in a dream in a totally different way.

Try this exercise for yourself. Visit your local library or a spiritual or theosophical bookshop and check if the same dream symbols are interpreted exactly the same.

I can guarantee that you will find a lot of variances in the dream meanings. Now we have to ask the obvious question – ‘why is it so’?

The late Professor Sumner Miller used to have a science television program in Australia where he would ask his audience to ponder the exact words I've placed before you.

Why are there so many variances and meanings for the same dream symbols and archetypes?

Simply, because the famous author who painstakingly tuned into the dream messages for all of the 500 dream symbols did so from their own knowing.

Notice, I share they tuned into the dream messages from their own knowing. I do not say they tuned into the dream symbols from a Universal knowing.

Let me give you an example of why dream meanings are unique to your psychic essence:

Imagine you have a love of reptiles and all of nature’s creatures. You decide you are going to devote your life to protecting wildlife and select a career that has you in direct contact with crocodiles, lizards and snakes.

One night you have a dream about being stranded on an island where there are no other people. When hunting for food a crocodile approaches you and carries a fish in its mouth. It lazily drops the fish at your feet and you wake from the dream.

Off you go to a dream dictionary to find the meaning of the dream.

The dream interpreter reveals the definition of a crocodile is about being betrayed by someone close to you.

Then you read how a fish being given to you is a spiritual message.

None of this makes sense because if a person were going to betray you why would they offer you a fish?

You were really happy in the dream and now when you read the dream meaning it just gives a blunt answer for all of the symbols in the dream. You then combine the archetype symbols and have a hotchpotch dream message.

How did you read the message of the dream so wrong you wonder.

Let me share with you first, you didn't interpret the feelings of your dream incorrectly. The dream book you referred to didn't take into account the feelings you were having at the time of your dream.

This happens a lot with dream psychic readings. A lot of the dreams are purely broken down into the symbolic meaning and the feelings and emotions of the dreamer are not taken into consideration.

Now let me share why the dream meanings in the newly released dream book failed to hit the mark.

It classed all dream symbols in the same category and if you loved reptiles and didn't overly fear their presence you were lumped into the classification of the person who had a great fear of crocodiles.

Therefore the individual consciousness of the person experiencing the dream was lost to the dream dictionary reference.

When I do my dream readings for clients I always tune into their individual consciousness using a breath technique that allows me to immediately feel the energetic blueprint around my clients aura.

I then ask them to share the dream message and I immediately know the emotional sensations they are experiencing in their dream. Once given permission to enter an auric field I can spiritually sense the real emotional energy felt during the dream.

I share with my clients that dream interpretations are unique to their individual emotional experiences and good intentioned dream dictionaries can have some benefits, but shouldn't be relied upon solely as a way of interpreting a dream.

This is why when booking an online dream reading with a psychic you should check if they only refer to dream encyclopedia's or dream dictionaries. The dream mood can be lost to sterile psychic dream interpretations and can be completely misinterpreted by well-intentioned psychics.

Remember, you are unique consciousness. You have incarnated to have your own life lessons and not even your family, lover or friends, or for that matter biological twins will experience exactly the same thoughts.

Your dream moods are precious gems of psychic insight and don’t deserve to be lumped into the one-meaning-fits-all.

Love and Light

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