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Love Psychics - Can a Psychic Help Bring My Lover Back?

Are You Enticed by Love Psychic Readings and Spells for a Broken Heart?

Are you being enticed by love psychics to help you get the man or woman of your dreams? Yes. Then this psychic reading blog article is for you.

Recently I wrote about how complex the love cycle can be and especially how a lot of my spiritual work and psychic readings are related to helping you find greater clarity in your love life, and being more in touch with your emotional energy so you can attract romance into your life and enter a loving relationship.

Now lets get to the juicy bit because that's what you're all here to read!

If relationships are easy, why do so many people have difficulty attracting and maintaining a loving relationship?

There is an easy answer to that question, but you have to be open-minded and prepared to contemplate the guidance I'm about to share with you.

Here's the answer and I reiterate, try to be open-minded to what I'm about to share.

The reason why so many people are unable to attract love into their life or find the dating process easy is because they are dealing with underlying psychic issues that are resonating around their aura.

What do I mean by underlying psychic relationship issues?

Here's an example of a relationship psychic reading customer:

We'll call the female client 'Destiny' and the man she likes 'Fate'.

Destiny is really attracted to Fate. She gets butterflies when she is around him and all she wants is for Fate to ask her out on a date and to get to know him a little better.

Fate is going out with a few girls and isn't ready to settle down because he wants to play the field and sow his wild oats. That doesn't stop Destiny visualizing that Fate is the one and she will do whatever she can to win him over.

Destiny knows that Fate is going to be at the Jazz club on Saturday night and she dresses really sexy and has a few drinks to give her a little courage before heading off to the nightclub.

By the time Destiny and her friends arrive at the Jazz club Fate has been drinking with his mates and is a little intoxicated.

Destiny and her friend’s beehive their way to Fate. Everything goes swimmingly along. They flirt with each other and end up going home in a cab and spending the night with each other.

They exchange phone numbers to catch up another time.

Destiny expects Fate to call her straight away and time goes by and she doesn't hear from him, so she decides she will send a text message to test the waters and to see if he responds.

He sends a text message back and that puts her mind at ease because that means he really likes her - otherwise why would he have sent the message?

Then time goes by and there are no further text messages or phone calls from Fate and this makes Destiny really upset because she believed that Fate was the one….

Destiny contacts several love psychics who advertise they specialize in returning a lover back into your life:

Love Psychic No 1. - Tarot Love Spread
Destiny contacts the love psychic and explains the whole story to the love expert. The love psychic consoles Destiny and does a spread of the tarot cards and tells her not to worry because she can see that Fate is going to get in contact with her and they'll end up together;

Love Psychic No 2. - Love Spell Psychic and Charms
The relationship psychic advertises they can get your lover back by doing love spells and because Destiny is so desperate she pays to have a love psychic spell cast to get Fate to wake up and see that Destiny is the love of his life. She follows the advice of her phone psychic and purchases the online psychic spell and accompanying book through PayPal and she waits and she waits and nothing happens;

Love Psychic No 3. - Email Relationship Psychic Reading
Destiny books an email psychic reading online where she updates her first and last name, her banking details and additional information about Fate. She also provides a photo of herself and one of the photos she took on her iPhone of intoxicated Fate with a beer in his hand smiling at the camera. Several days later she receives a response back from the online psychic where he confirms exactly what she originally believed Fate is going to come back into her life and they are going to end up together and have two children.

Now lets look at why none of these psychic readings helped Destiny get in touch with the real psychic issues around her aura.

Destiny is not addressing the underlying psychic and emotional patterns that are stopping her from having a loving relationship.

I can categorically state after doing spiritual psychic readings for Australian and world clients for the last 30 years that love psychic readings do more emotional psychic harm than good. I've had thousands of men and women guided towards me to help them find genuine spiritual clarity to get them back on the right track.

Once they get credible psychic guidance and real help from the spiritual realms they begin to see the emotional patterns they have created. They remove the psychic masks and follow the guidance offered to attract real love into their life.

Spirit cares about your psychic health and that’s why I was guided to write thousands of articles to help readers understand the difference between real psychic mediums offering genuine psychic proof as opposed to people setting themselves up to be love psychics or sell affiliate products.

Spiritually any genuine, credible clairvoyant or psychic medium will never claim they are a love psychic. They take their spiritual vocations seriously and know the karmic retributions of offering false hope to people will instantly attract a different type of fate to their shores.

Refer to this psychic article story when you find yourself losing control in a love relationship and feel emotionally vulnerable.

Psychic Tip
Before heading off to a have a relationship psychic reading or calling a phone or video psychic - check if the psychic business is trying to entice you by advertising they can return your lover back into your life under the classification “love psychics’.

You are responsible for your own love destiny therefore show prudence when it comes to selecting a reputable psychic.

Love and Light

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