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Psychic Melbourne - Vine's Spiritual Readings Reflections

Melbourne Born Vine Psychic Spiritual Reading Reflections

I couldn't have reached my 34th year doing psychic readings without reflecting on where it all began in Melbourne and the loyalty of my clients. You have been my rock. When I was a psychic kid learning about the spiritual breath technique I never foresaw one day being guided to start my own business. At that time there was no such thing as the Mind Body Spirit movement or for that matter a psychic industry. 

Lifting in and Out of My Body As a Psychic Kid
My spiritual experiences were not something my childhood friends encountered. I was often lifting in and out of my body at will and floating around my bedroom or swooping out of the window in a gush of wind. It is why I love to fly, because that feeling of being weightless and not in a vessel is exhilarating. When I had out of body experiences as a psychic kid and was joined by my spiritual guardians I would  look over rooftops or fly over the beautiful trees, oceans and lakes and appreciate the beauty of our amazing world. It is probably why I was able to appreciate at such a young age the relevance of nature. 

Spiritual Visitation for Angelic Guardian in my bedroom
That was further complemented when I awoke to find a beautiful angelic spiritual being in my room guiding that I needed to leave my family home and to learn about nature first hand. I travelled from Melbourne to Sydney and eventually ended up in Cairns. I would walk around the forest, quieten my mind and explore the unseen energies that exist on our planet. I would learn about ley lines and also alter my vibrational frequency to understand the direct relationship humans have to nature. Anyone who knows my background is aware I love nature with a passion. 

Spiritual Apprenticeship, Speaking Out About Deceptive Teachings
My spiritual learning wasn't done by joining a psychic course, I experienced all of my lessons from my higher guardians. At no time was I guided that hypnosis was a psychic art, nor was I guided that mind manipulation was a credible art. This is why you will find me speaking out about the traditional spiritual arts on my website because a lot of New Age teachings are suspect. Most recently I have been warning about neuro linguistic programming (NLP) that was deliberately introduced into the Mind Body Spirit sector and has been widely embraced by the life coaching institutes and psychic associations. 

Respecting the Oneness of All People and Religions
I did attend spiritualist churches because I believe in the brotherhood of man and also know that there is life after death because of having regular contact with departed souls. I used to go to the historic church in Melbourne CBD, now sold because the property developers saw potential for apartments. I also frequent churches of all faiths because I don't consider one religion is more relevant than the other. Therefore I respect the Oneness of all people and all faiths, not the deceptive teachings. 

Working on the First Australian Psychic Line, Warning Comes True
I was spiritually guided to work on the first Australian psychic line because I was guided the deceptive teachings would be coming. Again, at that time I was receiving that channeling, there was no such thing as psychic institutes, life coaches. You would be lucky to find a psychic advertisement in a newspaper or magazine. 
The Deceptive Entertainment Psychic Industry  
Fast forward to now and you are bombarded with psychic advertising on Google AdWords or every social media platform you visit. I can assure you most of this is entertainment fluffery and has nothing to do with the credible spiritual arts. 

Finding the Right Spiritual Lightworkers
If you are fortunate to find a gifted spiritual psychic (lightworker) you will notice we don't require any upfront information, we use a spiritual technique that allows us to make contact with your aura. I am a breath healer, I tune directly into your spiritual consciousness from making contact with your breath. I then allow my heightened clairsenses to detect and scan your aura to find underlying issues that are going on in your life. At all times I respect you are giving me permission to access your auric field and disconnect once the phone reading is completed. 

Over One Million Visitors to Australian Psychic blog  
We recently reached our one million visitor mark on the psychic blog and none of this could have happened without your suggestions for psychic, spiritual and esoteric topics, steadfast loyalty and dedication of my staff. You can see that when you visit my Australia wide phone psychic website that there are so many people doing graphics, responding to administration inquiries, doing shout outs on social media. Everything I earn from readings is invested back into my spiritual business to help you find reliable content and up-to-date information. 

Vine's Spiritual Gratitude to Clients and Medical Professionals
I love how you have recommended me to your family and friends and work colleagues. I appreciate the medical professionals recommending clients to me to help patients have contact with life after death. I know you have all contributed in your own way in supporting my psychic business. I thank you for entrusting your spiritual health and life issues in my care. I will continue to be of spiritual servitude to all of my clients.

Love and Light

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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 34 years. Above is Australian Born Vine Psychic's latest psychic reading blog, reflecting on her spiritual background being born in Melbourne, Victoria
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