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Psychic Reading or Law of Attraction Psychic, Are you Confused?

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When it comes to psychic readings I consider it is imperative for a clairvoyant to demonstrate to a customer that they can tune into credible and genuine spiritual guidance. If a client can see real psychic ability, it helps to set a benchmark for what genuine psychics should be able to do. Now that there are so many people pretending to be psychic, the need for psychics to be able to demonstrate accurate guidance is more crucial than ever.

There are true life situations in which people from beauty backgrounds, sports and fitness institutes etc., are misrepresenting themselves in psychic categories to try and impose the non-psychic sales backgrounds and teachings that they personally follow.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a life coach consult with someone who advertises in the life coach classification. But when you’re seeking a psychic, and instead finding a life coach or counselor who is falsifying their background under the psychic category to reach a new audience, it goes against everything a business is meant to stand for. It makes a mockery of the teachings they are selling if they hide behind the psychic sector and cannot stand in authentic energy when practising their own craft.

How This Applies to The Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction (LOA) principles have been embraced by many individuals in the Mind Body Spirit sector. However, the same laws are being abused.

There are people who have created psychic courses and EBooks using the book 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne. The teachings in a nutshell are about creating everything you desire.

Again, if you were to seek out a business that teaches the Law of Attraction there is no ethical issue at play. But if you seek out a personal psychic reading or online psychic reading and receive nothing more than a Law of Attraction consultant talking you into LOA principles while you are paying for a psychic reading, then it is a disservice to their business integrity.

Let me explain why.

The Law of attraction principles in the Secret come from Mystery School Teachings that have been around for centuries and there have been many scholars and teachers who have come up with their own way of interpreting them. As with religious teachings, there are a variety of interpretations that people will flock to, particularly if there is a way of making a lot of money.

This is happening now. In Australia we have businesses being set up by psychic teachers who try to train you how to become a qualified psychic. Unfortunately they fail to demonstrate that they are genuine psychics, and do tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques), LOA and a variety of other modalities to infiltrate the psychic sector.

For the sake of this blog article I am not going to engage in a diatribe about whether the teachings are accurate. I want to concentrate on what these type of LOA principles outline and to demonstrate that the psychic abusers are not staying true to them and that they are misleading customers.

If you stand in authentic energy then you own your skills and life experiences. You would not need to use the false pretence that you have psychic ability. You would not need to keep your psychological (or other) background secret. You would not need to analyse a customer to measure up what is going on in their brain and engage in lengthy conversations to glean information that you can use to appear to be psychic.

This is what is going on all the time in the psychic sector. People are changing the rules about what they want a psychic to represent.

We also have people who toddle off to hairdressers or pubs to do psychic readings in environments that are not conducive to spiritual interaction. This means the psychic readings in hairdressing salons or casinos are nothing more than entertainment. If you want to have a glass of vino and a bit of a laugh then no harm is being done when seeking out an entertainer. But if you want credible psychic guidance then you can’t take psychic readings in those types of environments seriously.

No spiritual loved one will frequent an environment that hasn’t been spiritually protected. This is why no spiritual medium can work effectively in casinos or pubs because it opens the door for lower entity activity.

Anywhere there is alcohol or drug consumption or any violence, isn’t spiritually safe for psychic readings. Many people commit suicide around Casinos because they lose their life savings when they gamble too heavily. If a medium opens themself up to trauma or astral energy in these surroundings, they may find they’re out of their spiritual depth when it comes to tuning into such dense energy.

There are some psychics who do tarot readings who aren’t even aware of the astral planes. They believe if they think positive then nothing will penetrate their ethereal field. I’m here to tell you that if you accidentally brush with the astral plane, all the positive energy will go out the window.

I often assist customers who have experimented with Ouija boards, automatic writing or pendulum guidance using lower astral entities. They’re so spooked by poltergeist activity or mischievous spirits, they’re beside themselves.

Some have dabbled and then all of a sudden the energy attacks. This isn’t a pleasant experience. It can traumatize and cause serious psychological damage. This is why I’m stressing that you have to be careful of moving towards psychics who have no idea about the higher and lower astral planes.

The entities that resonant on all planes require a level of spiritual expertise to deal with, and I warn you to be careful of teachers who share that if you think positive nothing can happen to you.

This is what the lower astral planes rely upon. The people who are attacked don't have a morbid nature. They’re normal people who have a one-off encounter and then regret how they didn’t look after their spiritual health.

When you are weighing up which psychic or lightworker to seek out, you need to know that they are able to demonstrate, understand and have the ability to cleanse, fix or remove any astral entity that’s around you.

That’s right, the people who smugly say, I think positive and nothing is going to happen to me, are the same ones who contact me and reveal they’re dealing with heavy stuff.

The best psychic readers are people who know how to work with the spiritual arts, and will not trivialize or alter the laws to suit themselves. The spiritual realms select psychics and spiritual mediums to relay their loving angelic guidance. They know they’re disciplined and are not motivated by material needs and will uphold the spiritual teachings of the Mystery schools.

Love and Light

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