Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Psychic Readings from Lightworker Vine

There is something comforting about Vine’s Psychic Readings website. It sends out a reassuring vibe you’re in good hands from the moment you see the purple butterfly fluttering its wings and shares you  deserve clarity in your life.

What you might not now know is Vine’s spiritual website and psychic blog site was channeled from the higher realms. Vine was shown the vision of the animated butterfly and guided to show genuine psychic ability to show people like Vine do exist.

Genuine psychic ability is what light workers call upon when they do your spiritual readings. They tune into the Oneness record, described as the Akashic Record or the Book of Knowledge. Vine does not use tarot, hypnotize, offer spells or coerce people through mind powers when she services your readings. She is a gifted natural born medium.

Vine was guided at a young age to learn about breath. She was taught directly from the higher angelic realms and has been using this breath technique for over 30+ years when she does a psychic consultation. This means Vine has done thousands upon thousands of psychic readings for customers in Australia and throughout the world. That’s credible psychic reputation.

Vine’s spiritual website makes you feel at ease when you read all of the free psychic articles and begin to recognize her spiritual level of expertise. Clients know when they have a clairvoyant reading with Vine they are communicating with a gifted light worker. Check out her latest psychic reviews sent in by satisfied clients in their own words here:

A lightworker is someone who dedicates their life to spiritual servitude, to help others come to the awareness that they are One with everyone they meet. Vine’s spiritual role is to help us understand how our emotional health is related to our overall wellbeing. She also channels important psychic predictions about Earth Changes and climate change.

If you get a chance to read how many accurate psychic predictions Vine has prophesized you will be amazed at how talented a psychic she really is. You can visit Vine’s psychic predictions website page by going here:

If you would like to learn more about Vine’s psychic background we recommend you visit the ‘About Vine’ page on the main website. There Vine shares how as a baby she was having out of body experiences and communicating with the higher realms from the time of her birth. She also shares when she was a young child she was rebellious and tried desperately to ignore her spiritual origins.

Vine does not shy away from revealing her spiritual background and sharing she has made many sacrifices to be a spokesperson for the higher realms. She knew at sixteen years of age she would not have children and accepted this as spiritual servitude for the higher good. She left her family home on her own and traveled throughout Australia and the world similar to Aboriginal people do when they go walkabout. Vine is well cultured and appreciates all belief systems.

Vine’s clients come from all backgrounds of the world. She is sensitive to different religious beliefs and can tune into loved ones who have passed from Asian, Muslim, Arabic, aboriginal, English etc. She genuinely provides evidence of the afterlife when she does phone readings. This is a rare gift.

Vine’s spiritual website is comforting to all people who visit because it allows her clients to know she’s there when they need her. They are prepared to wait to have a psychic reading because they know when they do have a phone reading with Vine it is going to be of a high standard.

Most of Vine’s clients have had psychic readings with other psychics and compare their reading against Vine’s and share in good conscience they cannot return to psychic chat or tarot readings when they have experienced the real thing.

Spiritually you deserve to be given genuine clarity for your personal and business needs. With Vine, you’ll receive this and so much more…

If you would like to book a phone psychic reading with Vine or learn more about her unique spiritual abilities visit the following web pages:

Online Psychic Bookings – Australia - landline & mobile

Online Psychic Bookings – World (English Speaking) land line only

Australian telephone psychic reading Line

1902 242 800

Call costs $4.95 per min gst inclusive, extra Mobile/Pay Monessa Gulf


Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30+ years. Above is Melbourne Born Vine Psychic's latest psychic reading blog about why her clients keep returning to have a genuine psychic reading.

Book an online psychic reading from anywhere in the world by using our secure PayPal booking facilities. Let gifted Australian Psychic Medium Vine, tune into your individual consciousness using her spiritual breath technique and provide expert psychic help. To make an online psychic reading booking go to:

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