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Genuine phone psychic readings by Australian Psychic Vine

How can you tell if a phone psychic or spiritual medium is helping you to find a greater sense of clarity about your real life needs? That's a great question to cover on the psychic blog this week and we'll offer some great tips to help you find the right phone psychic.

Have you ever phoned an online psychic reader to find they request prior information about what you want them to concentrate on? A lot of customers are unsuspectingly finding themselves in this precarious situation.

Well rehearsed sales people at first point of call, will attempt to tell you before they can do a psychic reading they need to know why you want their help. It is similar to cold readings. They need information from you to appear to be psychic.

At Vine psychic readings we wouldn't classify these live phone readings as anything more than sales trickery.

A genuine psychic is someone who has heightened spiritual gifts which allow them to tap into your individual issues without any prompting from you.

Your spiritual needs come first and real psychics will tune into your spiritual aura to see what ails you.

They will relay information you only know and give you some type of assurance they couldn't possibly have found it on your social network.

That's another thing: Make sure you have your privacy settings secure and are not friending psychics who are referring to your details.

Genuine psychic readers will never need to friend you, sign you up for newsletters to get your details. They avoid any personal contact with their customers to not show any direct conflict of interest.

Social Network Caution Required about Online Psychic Readers

Marketing PR experts are being hired to direct you to online psychic social networks. A lot of these PR companies are coming from SEO companies in third world countries and aren't too trustworthy to begin with. And the mass psychic lines are flocking to them for their SEO and branding.

Even the network affiliate psychic networks are going to make it difficult to identify if you are really communicating with a phone psychic or a contrived social network profile.

What does that mean?

  • You could friend a psychic on Facebook or Twitter who doesn't actually exist and is created by a criminal or overseas network (spambot phishing attacks).
  • You could be directed to foreign countries for psychic phone readings similar to the call centre help desks in the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Nigeria etc.
  • Or you could be groomed to hand over your credit card details over the phone and watch your bank balance disappear overnight.
Now you see what you're up against and why Vine has been a strong voice educating people about the dangers of booking online email psychic readings and phone readings.

Vine was guided about false prophets in 2007 in channeled guidance from her spiritual guardians. She was spiritually guided to work on the first Australian psychic line. She knows her role as a spiritual medium is to help you wade your way through the mass produced psychic lines, the fake sales affiliate networks and to give you as much help to understand all is not what it seems when you scratch beneath the psychic PR.

Phone Psychic Readings Are Meant to Help You

All is not lost in finding a accurate psychic reader. You can depend on Vine to find out the latest news about phone and interactive psychic readings.

You can also book an online psychic reading knowing Vine will always put your interests first. Vine is redefining what psychic phone readings are and how psychics can be ethical.

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