Monday, 25 October 2010

3 Minute Free Psychic Reading Traps -Vine Psychic Line Tips

Avoid 3-Minute Free Psychic Readings
As the holiday season draws near you may need an online psychic service. Christmas and the holiday season can be a period of deep emotions and sometimes it can be a very stressful and anxious time. You may want to consult a psychic to help you during this time.

We encourage you to steer away from 3 minute free/or free psychic reading online sites.

What are 3 Minute Free Psychics?
On my Psychic Line blog I have written about some of the scams that have started to emerge in the psychic industry. One of them is Free Psychics or 3 Minute Free Psychics.

Let's look at the psychic industry's strategy of getting you to visit their website. They need to attract your attention - what better way of doing this than by claiming they offer free readings. Do they really offer free readings? No, they don't.
3 minute free psychics or free psychics are emerging on the internet in mass proportions. The strategy of the psychic organization is to fool people into believing that free psychics exist. They don't.

The old saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch, applies to the free psychic sites listed on the web. You are being enticed to their site for a reason. It's either to hit a lot of AdWords (Google, Yahoo, Bing or psychic/astrology banners that are displayed heavily on their site to direct you back to the larger psychic sites), or to lure you into booking a reading for a longer period. Be discerning when looking for genuine psychic help (please refer to Vine's Guide to Finding the Right Psychic to avoid scams).

Psychic Regulation in Australia
There is no regulation of the
psychic industry in Australia and therefore anybody can claim to be psychic. You have a right as a buyer to seek out genuine psychic services, therefore do your research, become more psychic savvy before booking a psychic reading and avoid free psychic reading online sites.

Vine's Psychic Background - 28 Years working in Spiritual Field
There's not much that I don't know about the psychic industry. I was originally guided by spirit to do phone psychic readings over 15 years ago because spirit was concerned about some of the unethical psychic businesses emerging in the market place. As a Natural Born Clairvoyant Medium working in the spiritual field over the years I have witnessed one scam after another.

Genuine clairvoyant mediums and psychics are becoming harder to find a
s more big businesses with little interest in spiritual and psychic concerns other than how much money they can make out of them, move into the industry.

Now more than ever when looking for genuine psychic assistance, you need to be psychic savvy!

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